We would love to have your submission to Bear Pit Zine #9. As usual, all comics, illustration and other forms of sequential art are welcome!

Theme: “Compulsion”

Deadline: Sunday 4th May 2014

Zine Format: The zine is in black and white, but greys print out well. Due to increasing demand for space, max pages per submission is now 4; minimum is still 1. (Within these limitations, we have no bias regarding length).

Only one submission per contributor please.

Paper size: The zine will be printed on A5. Your artwork should fit within these dimensions (148 x 210mm), HOWEVER, this issue will be printed with FULL BLEED, so if you are planning to draw to the edge, you can provide a 4mm bleed around your image (making it 156x218mm), and either mark in the file or let us know you’ve included bleed. If you’ve any questions regarding ‘bleed’, and/or need a template, please email.

Submission Format: Please send your files as .psd, .png or .tiff, and at no less than 300 dpi. One file per page.

Contents: All contributions take the theme of ‘Compulsion’ - you’re free to interpret this as you will. Although we do emphasize the comic/sequential-art nature of Bear Pit Zines, any combination of words and pictures will be considered.
Finally, we are open to submissions from any and all, but we do ask that the contributor and/or their work retain some kind of connection to the city/area of Bristol.

Printing & Distribution: When all submissions are in, as per usual we will ask contributors to place and pay for pre-orders (at cost-price). Cost price per unit will be approximately £1.60 (this includes the colour cover). For this issue there will also be additional distribution at the Bear Pit Zines fundraiser event (in late May) for our 2014 Comic and Zine Fair (October 4th).

Please send your submissions to