Oh how the month of March has rattled its way away from me over here; unseasonably sunny, and startlingly productive (well, it startled me). Here are some highlights:

Smoo #5: new issue available for pre-order now.

Hot on the heels of January’s release of Smoo #4, the next issue of my autobiographical zine is done and dusted.  Smoo #5 was completed in record time - 40 pages in three months - in preparation for my imminent trip to Toronto. The comic is all ready to go to the printers as soon as I’ve got enough pre-orders to help the process along. The zine contains 8 stories covering seaside landscapes, stone-throwing youths, going fishing, swimming in ponds and excerpts from an 18th Century Medical Journal. You can read about it in on the Forbidden Planet International blog, or you can get it here.

Meet Oliver Harris

Now that ‘The Sorry Entertainer’ newspaper comics anthology that Nick and I put out last May is out of print, you can finally read my story on-line. ‘This is Oliver Harris’ is a detached glimpse of one child’s imaginative escape from other people. In no way autobiographical. Here are some panels (click through to read the whole thing).

Stay in touch with Smoo News

In a staggering step of sepia nostalgia, I’ve decided to party like it’s 1996 and started a mailing list. Sign-up to be kept up-to-date with the latest news, advance deals on new comics and special offers/discounts for my online shop. In the blink and you’ll miss it world of Twitter and Tumblr, it’ll be a way to keep connected to what is going on over here from the comfort of your nicely appointed email client inbox. Click here to sign up.

Remember Things in Panels ? No? Well it’s back.

Things in Panels is the collective name that Nick and I use to put out publications and the name we use when we table together at conventions. While Nick is floating around Australia for a while, I’ve updated the website with some of our latest news. We have plans for more publications later this year, so do keep an eye out. If you’re a Tumblr user, do consider following us.

Flogging comics across the world:

Two up-coming events of note. First, I’ll be at flying solo at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, May 5th and 6th 2012. Then, in November, Things in Panels will once again be appearing at Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds. Nick will be back for this one.

That’s it for now. More news to follow in the coming weeks..

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