January’s been rough, but things are looking up…

Retrofit: I’m hard at work on my book for Box Brown’s Retrofit imprint. It’s going to be called Grand Gestures. It’s about a man who is sad and what happens the moments before you are forced to take  ownership of that sadness and make something better from what you have. It’ll be about 36 pages long. It’s due out in May, hopefully debuting at TCAF. Here is a preview of a bit of a page:

I should say I’m very excited about this. Box first asked me if I’d be interested in doing a book at the TCAF after party last May. I was drunk and overwhelmed and a bit jet lagged and talked a lot of crap and was not very cool at all. Somehow, though, he’s still talking to me.

Sean Azzopardi, me and Box Brown shooting the breeze that fateful night

I think Retrofit is a great initiative, and to be part of it feels like I’m part of something pretty fantastic. I mean, look at the line-up! Andrew White! Roman Muradov! Josh Bayer! Box Brown! …and that’s just the Spring releases. So go, subscribe to the new issues now, now NOW.

Distro news: with international shipping rates being what they are, US/Canadian readers might like to know that my comics are available from a number of places on your side of the Atlantic.

Firstly, I am very excited to announce that I’m now being distributed by Pioneers Press. This distro/publishing house formed after the long-running Microcosm distro ran aground on some difficult personal and professional issues. I’d had qualms dealing with them while things were unresolved, but when I found about about the split and the formation of Pioneers Press, I sent my comics to them for consideration straight away- and they accepted. You can buy SMOOs #4 and #5 from them here.

Other state-side shops include Secret Acres, Desert Island in Brooklyn, and Bergen St Comics (also in Brooklyn). You can also get the three latest SMOOs from John P.’s Spit and a Half Distro.

For European readers, Lambiek in Amsterdam have a few issues of my comics, and  I’ve opened webshops on Anikibo and Comicsy. You can still by them directly from me, which is a good way to do things if you’re based in the UK or Europe.

For those in Australia, I owe comics to both Sticky Institute in Melbourne and the Perth Zine Collective, but I’m just waiting for some more stock before I ship them out.

Essentially, I’m bloody everywhere. Sorry about that.

Subscriptions: I’m offering four issue subscriptions to SMOO. If you choose this option you get them a little cheaper, a little earlier, and with the odd little drawing, gift, letter thrown in. You can start your subscription anywhere from SMOO #4 onwards. Click here to find out more.

What next? My plan for this year is to do my Retrofit comic, and get SMOO #7 done. I’ve got another exciting thing or two in the pipeline, but I’ll share more about those later in the year, depending on how things pan out.

I’m also hoping to go to SPX but still unsure what’ll be happening around September time. If I’m able, I’ll definitely be looking into going, but need to find a way to fund the flights. Watch this space for news.

Thanks all - now why not buy some comics?

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