I’m fundraising to go to SPX!

It’s official! I’m going to be at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland in September. I’ll be sharing a table with Warren Craghead and I’m very excited, and very lucky. Making comics isn’t my day job, but it means everything to me to be making them. Getting the opportunity to do things like traverse the ocean to SPX is a great privilege.

I’m fundraising to help make this happen by taking commissions, selling original art - and, as always, I’m selling comics! I would love it if my comics could send me to SPX - and I think they can, too!

Here are the details:


Fancy a piece of original art? A picture of a landscape? A building? A personalised version of your favourite SMOO Comics page? Perhaps there’s a page or a panel in these comics that you might like?

Prices are negotiable, but an A4 (210x287mm) black and white drawing will typically start around £30. Smaller, less, bigger, more!

Get in touch via email if you’d like me to draw something for you.

Original Art

I’ve also got some pages of original art from the Escapologist and various anthologies for sale! You can see them all here. Prices range from £25 ppd (UK) to £50 ppd (UK).


I’ve got always got copies of my comics for sale, and also offer four issue subscriptions to SMOO for a very reasonable rate, too. You can read some reviews of SMOO to see what you’re getting yourself into, or you can read some of my comics here.

So if any of these things float your boat, please do consider making a purchase!

Thank all!


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    Check out Simon’s blog for details!
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    I just bought one of those original art pages! Help Simon get to SPX (so I can go and meet him).
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