Rough scans of  pages in process from two separate stories from my forthcoming Grimalkin Press book.

The book doesn’t have a title as yet. It’ll be oversize in its dimensions, with around 200 pages of stories, short and long. I’ve drawn around 20 of those pages to date.

The book itself is a collection of recollections about growing up in a small UK dormitory town.  That same town informed SMOO 4 (out of print but available for download soon), but I always felt like there was unfinished business with that place. 

The stories will take different styles, grid layouts etc, as the story dictates, but the basic process I’ve developed over the last year will most likely apply: Bristol board, some schematic work in blue mechanical pencil, soft 8B pencils, a 4B 0.5mm pencil, a ruler, and not much else.

I’m at the very beginning of drawing the book, though, and these things have a tendency to develop a life of their own so we’ll see where we end up.

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