Better, Drawn needs YOU

In July 2011, I started a blog called Better, Drawn:

Better, drawn is a place for people to share stories about long-term mental and physical illnesses, told in the form of short comics. The site is a way for people to write and draw about their experiences that might otherwise be difficult to talk about openly. In fact, we think that sometimes things can be said better when they’re drawn.

Submissions are open to anyone with experience of long-term mental or physical illness to share - whether or not you see yourself as a comic artist. So, if you have experience with these kinds of health issues, or if you are close to someone who does, then you might like to consider submitting a comic for the site.

The site has slowed down of late, and that’s entirely down to me being preoccupied with other projects. I’d like to remedy that. Recent events have reminded me that it can be really important to have a variety of avenues for people to talk about what they’re going through, or what they’ve been through. I hope Better, Drawn might one day be one of those avenues.

What do we need?

To work, the site needs more submissions: more comics, more drawings, more stories. For that to happen I need to tell more people.

What can you do?

If you think this is a venture that is worthwhile, please consider helping spread the word. You could reblog this post, tweet about the site, talk about us on Facebook, or tell your friends in the real world.

If you feel you may have a story you’d like to share, please do submit a comic, a drawing or a story. Full information can be found on out submissions page.

You can visit the site here

You can follow us on Twitter

You can find us on Facebook

Thanks all,


Toronto or bust!

That’s right folks! I’ve recently found out that I’ve been offered a chance to exhibit my comics at the awesome and prestigious Toronto Comics and Arts Festival 2012. This is fantastic news, not least because of its reputation as one of the best comics shows happening at the moment. Unfortunately, I’ve been in and out of work for a while and have not got the resources to self-fund a voyage there. Comics don’t pay, and neither do short-term academic research posts. So, at the suggestion of my friends, I have popped the DONATE button up on the left to see if any friends, fans or well-wishers might wish to help me on my way*.

So why might you want to donate? Well, to be totally transparent, this event will obviously help my comics making ambitions no end. So perhaps it’s a little selfish - especially given the current situation in which so many of us find ourselves. However, those of you who have spoken to me or read my work will know that I also have a vested interested in  investigating and promoting links between comics and narratives of mental health. You may even know about Pictures in Frames’ sister site, Better, Drawn where people with experience of long-term mental and physical illness can share their stories in the form of comics.

My ambition for TCAF is that in collaboration with my friend and colleague Thom Ferrier of Graphic Medicine, we run a workshop or panel on comics and mental health. We hope to bring together makers, publishers, artists, readers and writers to openly discuss the role of comics in challenging stigma around mental health. It’s early days yet, but any amount, large or small, can help us make this ambition a reality. It is obviously only one step in a much larger project, but a valuable one we’d be so grateful to have a chance at realising.

If you think this is a cause that you might be able to get behind, please do consider donating what you can. Free comics, drawings and thank you letters to all those who donate after TCAF.

*the money will be spent only on airfare and accommodation. In the event that I do not attend TCAF, money will be returned to all donors.