So this is happening…

Box Brown has started a Kickstarter project to raise funds to print a wave of floppy comics. As Box himself puts it:

"Retrofit Comics aims to publish 17 32-page floppy-style comics by 17 of the best comic artists in the business. Why 17 artists? Originally it was going to be one year’s worth of comics, but too many amazing artists wanted in. Far be it from me to deny these artists their right to work!"

And who are those 17?

"Only the best working cartoonists in the business. Collectively these artists have won Harveys, Ignatzes, Xerics and been nominated for Eisner Awards! They are a diverse and amazing group, check out their work:"

James Kochalka
Colleen Frakes
Pat Aulisio
Josh Bayer
Corinne Mucha
Joe Decie
Tom Hart
Liz Baillie
Chuck Forsman
John Martz
L. Nichols
Nathan Schreiber
Noah Van Sciver
Ian Harker
Jason Turner
Sally Madden
Brendan Leach

Ridiculous, no?

Go and check it out and donate if you’re able.

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Box Brown, Box Brown, he draws pictures in boxes

Everything Dies

© 2010 Box Brown, taken from “Pre-Need" a story from Everything Dies.

Box Brown, creator of Bellen! and general comics ace, has launched a new website in the form of Everything Dies. It’s a web counterpart to his print series of the same name which, for my sins, I have yet to get my hands on. Although I never really got into Bellen! (actually that’s not totally true: I read it when it first started, thought it had promise, then promptly forgot about if for a bunch of years, only returning to it in its final weeks) I am an admirer of Brown’s work. His line work is bold, treading the line between funny cartoony curves and poignant, stark, dramatic and otherwise affecting images.

Although ‘Everything Dies’ tackles some hefty concepts, it is done, from what I can see, with grace, humour, balance and respect. That said, I don’t get the impression that Brown will be pulling any punches when it comes to some topics, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.