Please help out Pioneer’s Press: A PERSONAL PLEA

Pioneer’s Press is a publishing house, distro, farming concern and enterprise based entirely on some pretty good ethical starting points. They’re trying to live differently and make things pay in a way that is meaningful in what we can all agree is a pretty manic and difficult world.

They were established very recently in the shadow of some very difficult personal, political and organisational circumstances but came out fighting. I’d like to help them out. Would you?

They sell zines, comics, books; writing, art, thinking. Need to know about how to beat depression? Grow plants? Live ethically? Want to know what it’s like to live life as a punk? Want to read about the everyday lives of everyday people trying to make sense of everyday things? Want poetry? Want comics about everything? Music? is the place to look.

Full disclosure: they sell my comics, but I buy things from them, too.


Dear friends,

If you’ve ever considered ordering from my friends and I’s publishing house/distro, Pioneers Press, now’s the time. We had a horrible April for book and zine sales and May is looking even worse. At this point we’re already unable to pay rent on the rescue animal sanctuary/farm this month and if sales keep on like this we’re going to have to shut the business down completely. Two more weeks like this and we’re done. Stuff is pretty dire.

So, if you want some great books, zines, records, patches, pins, shirts, stickers, posters, etc, here’s our website Anything helps. We’re fighting to make this happen and promising things keep coming up but these past two months have been astoundingly shitty for sales and without sales we can’t run Pioneers Press any longer. 

We’ve got huge plans in the works … we just need to get over this hump. Thanks for reading, pals.

-Adam Gnade