SMOO #6 Reviewed at the Poopsheet Foundation

Justin Giampaoli has reviewed Smoo #6 over at the Poopsheet Foundation. He writes:

"It’s clear that these aren’t just mindless sketches or doodles though, Moreton thinks about the imagery, like the squiggle of ink that stands-in for confusion over not knowing how to help a sick bird. It’s this type of visual shorthand for more complex emotion that proves his fluid understanding of what makes the medium so unique. He blurs the line between text and image to achieve superb information delivery."

I’m really humbled by this review.

You can read the full review here.

You can buy Smoo #6 here.

The Poopsheet Foundation

I’ve just created an account over at The Poopsheet Foundation. It looks like an awesome resource:

"Here at the Poopsheet Foundation our intention is to be a central meeting place for mini-comics publishers, artists, writers, readers and collectors. It’s a community-driven site that’s also got social networking features built in. Members can upload photos and videos, participate in discussions in the forums, post mini-comics news and reviews in their individual blogs (these get fed into the main blog on the front page), "friend" other members, send messages to other members through the site, invite friends to join, add applications to their profile pages and other fun stuff."

Anyway, I’ve just posted a piece about doing a daily comic strip, which I did for a couple of months in 2008. Go; have a peek.