I have a small number of this new Japanese collection of my work released by Sotokaramita. Features stories from SMOO #5 – #7 and some anthology work with Japanese translations. There’s an interview with me in the back, too, also in Japanese. These editions come with an English translation of the interview.

  • 257 mm x 175 mm
  • 56 pages
  • Red partial wraparound cover, B&W contents
  • Comes with 8 page zine containing translated interview
  • Published April 2014 by Sotokaramita



It’s been quite a year so far: months rolling on, a thousand things happening, a thousand tiny changes. Here’s the news:



My first book collection is available for pre-order now. DAYS collects three now out-of-print issues of my autobiographical zine, SMOO and selected anthology work, first published between 2011 an 2012. It’s 144 pages, softcover and features an essay by me on making zines and notes on each of the stories contained in the book, including reflections on all the stories in SMOO 4, 5 and 6. It’s being released by Avery Hill Publishing, and if you pre-order before midnight tonight (8th June), you get an original drawing by me.

Here’s the pre-order link.



In early May I produced a small, A6 zine called MONUMENT ROAD. Neither prose nor poetry, comics nor illustration, it’s a mixture of words and pictures reflecting on transition and the search for something meaningful, when everything feels in flux.



It’s available here.



In April, new imprint Sotokaramita released a collection of stories culled from anthology work, and SMOO 4, 5, 6 and 7, translated into Japanese. Another one of those weird things I never thought I’d see, it’s available now in a number of Japanese shops and online. It also features an interview with me (also translated into Japanese).

Full details here (Japanese)



Next year, Grimalkin Press will be releasing my first book of original material,  a set of reflections on my teenage years spent in the suburbs. It explores memories and the feelings of small streets and growing up and trying to get some sense of perspective on the weird world between spaces you inhabit at that age.
There’s more news coming on this soon from Grimalkin Press, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted.



I’m part of a group exhibition, opening this week in Malmo, Sweden. Curated by C’est Bon Kultur, it features work by me, Dunja Jankovic, Sophie Yanow, Aidan Koch, Warren Craghead, Derik A. Badman, Alyssa Berg, Julie Delporte and Oliver East. Facebook event here.


I spoke to Dan Berry about comics, minimalism, memory and zines for his Make It Then Tell Everybody podcast. You can listen here.

I’m also working on a split zine with Ignatz-nominated Jason Martin, one of my favourite zine makers. Details are still forming, but hopefully it’ll be out later in the Summer/Autumn.

I’m co-organising the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair and you can apply for a table for that now. It’s being hosted at the Station again, in Bristol, on Saturday October 4th. Here’s the link.

I’m also hoping to get SMOO 8 out in time for BCZF, but we’ll wait and see if that happens.

Thanks all.

THIS IS THE NEWS: January 2014

Here’s some stuff that happened while I was away this winter.


Tom Murphy has written a three part feature for Broken Frontier on landscape comics, each respectively focusing on work by Oliver East, Jon McNaught (forthcoming), and myself. He explores, in relation to my comics, the links between place, memory and emotion. It’s a a thoughtful and flattering piece that certainly picks up many of my own preoccupations in my work - in particular trying not to tell readers that something happened, but instead ask ‘did this happen to you, too?’. Also it’s about Geography, and (as a professional geographer) I fucking love Geography, so my thanks go to Tom for taking the time to sit and think about my work. It means a lot. Read it in full here.

Best of…

I’m honoured to say that SMOO 7 made two notable end of year lists. It came number 30 in Rob Clough’s Top 50 short-form comics of 2013Rob’s been very supportive this year, and this is another piece of support for which I am thankful.

SMOO 7 also features in Andy Oliver’s ‘Ten UK Small Press Comics You Need to Own 2013' over at Broken Frontier. SMOO 5 made this list last year, so it's amazing to appear on it two years in a row. Andy writes that “quite simply, [Moreton] is one of the most important and intelligent creative voices in current U.K. small press comics.” Now that is an accolade I'm not sure I deserve, but that I certainly intend to work hard to live up to.


Over at Comic Book Resources, Alec Berry writes about Grand Gestures. He explores particularly the tension between art and story, author and audience. He writes:

"Grand Gestures … is so bare bones comics, it’s undeniably beautiful for how it meshes mechanics with its larger considerations of life and the universe, and in both arenas it demands a reader’s participation."

Read the full review here.

Another review of Grand Gestures comes courtesy of Jason Sacks at Comics Bulletin. He writes,

"Though he draws a world outside our windows, full of all the modern stuff and bother of modern life – boring meetings, long car rides, drinking coffee alone at a Starbucks, there’s a calm, meditative heart at the center of this comic: a feeling of transcendence, of meditation, and ultimately perhaps a feeling that our daily lives are suffused by a beautiful sort of calm, internal poetry as we go along in our everyday lives."

You can read that review here.

And coming soon…

In the next months I’ll be focusing on my book-length work for Grimalkin Press, and I’ll be writing about it, sharing previews and talking about drawing and comics and things like that on this blog in the near future. I also have some exciting publishing news waiting to come out, too, so watch this space for that.

Until then, here’s to 2014. It’s going to a busy, important and strange year, I can tell already.


I’m selling 13 pages of original artwork from 2012. I need to raise some money, clear some things out and take stock. A lot of these pieces mean a great deal to me, and I hope they will do to you too. Much love went into each one.

They’re all A4 (210x297mm/8.2x11.7inches) on white Bristol Board, in unfixed graphite pencils

Each page is £50, including P&P, with discounts for multiple purchases.




SMOO #7 available for pre-order

SMOO #7 is available for pre-order now!

This issue of SMOO is about the countryside I grew up in. Split over three zines, a map, and a letter, it deals with memories, trying to live in the now, and what happens when you revisit your home, many years later.

  • 88 pages of comics across 3 A6 zines (148 mm x 105 mm)
  • fold out map (297 x 210mm)
  • a letter (210 x 148 mm)
  • B&W throughout

The zine costs £4 plus shipping.


Jason Martin writes about SMOO

Jason Martin wrote about my comics for his Zine Club! Jason’s one of my favourite cartoonists, about whom I’ve written before. He scored an Ignatz nomination last year for a story he wrote, illustrated by Jesse Reklaw, in the last issue of Papercutter (which Jason wrote all of). If you do follow the link below, make sure you check out his work too!

Jason on SMOO Comics

SMOO Comics gets a write-up from Graphixia.ca

Over on Graphixia, Peter Wilkins writes about my comics. He does so in a thoughtful way that seems to capture what I’m trying to do with them, and is more than a little humbling. Peter writes:

"Moreton’s drawings are about getting as much information and affect into as few lines as possible. It would not only be a cliche but incorrect to say that we “fill in the rest” with our imaginations. Rather, I think Moreton makes us cling to to the partial images he gives us of a place or a memory and look at them really intensely, because the parts we can’t see have a sublime quality that plays off of the beauty and elegance of the drawings."

Read the full post here.

SMOO #6 gets a write-up on The Comics Journal

Wow. Smoo #6 gets a write-up on The Comics Journal, thanks to Rob Clough. First time ever on TCJ!

Read it here.

If you like what you read, why not take a look at some of my comics, and consider browsing my online shop. You might like to buy something, or, alternatively, explore some of the distros and shops that carry SMOO and the rest of their amazing stock.