Smoo #4 and The Escapologist #2 Reviewed by Rob Clough

Two of my comics have been reviewed by Rob Clough at High/Low. Of Smoo #4 he says, “Moreton takes the reader on a recapitulation of his perceptual journey of Marlow, going from the awe of childhood to the contempt of his teenage years to the ways in which he and his friends tried to create meaning. The revelations Moreton provides about his sense of growing old externally but not feeling it internally are not especially innovative, but that does not diminish the impact of the revelation as he feels it, nor the beautiful way that he expresses it on the page”. Here is a page from that comic:

Of The Escapologist #2, he says: “this is a comic about being from a particular place and knowing particular people, and how the sum total of our personality is constructed in part by our relationships with others. It’s a short and sweet depiction of a feeling and a sense of loss, of being connected and feeling apart.”

He also reviews recent work by Derik Badman and Jenny Zervakis. Having actually read the other comics Rob has reviewed, I can also whole-heartedly recommend chasing them up. Speaking of which, if you’d like to chase my comics up, look no further as you can buy both these titles here.

Why not buy some comics? New review of The Escapologist #2

Richard Bruton of the Forbidden Planet International blog has reviewed The Escapologist #2. Richard has been very supportive of my work in the past, and this is review is no exception. He writes,

"… there’s just an irresistible pull to [the images], they draw me in, over and over and over. Each image has meaning no doubt, but it’s the beauty of the image in isolation and the cumulative effect that wins me over. I could stare happily at each panel for so long, lost in the ideas it helps form as my own thoughts wander and fly, connecting, imagining."

Above all, he seems to derive from the zine what it intends to give, which is very encouraging:

"Repeated readings / viewings don’t necessarily glean new information, but they do encourage my mind to wander, reflective and open, a glorious, uplifting experience brought out by such simple lines, but so beautifully done."

You can read the full review here. Issues #1 and #2 are available from my shop for just £1.50 (ppd, UK) or £2.50 (ppd everywhere else). If you order now, you may very well get them before Christmas…

The Escapologist #1 gets reviewed…

…this time by Kevin of Optical Sloth. Kevin has said nice things about Smoo in the past (and in fact, may well have been the first person to ever publish a review of one of my comics). It’s also nearing the ten (TEN!) year anniversary of his work reviewing comics online. Might I suggest you head over there, browse his review archive and maybe even pick up a couple of comics from his store while you’re at it? Y’know, just to say thanks.

Anyway, this time round, seems like Kevin enjoyed The Escapologist. In particular, he concludes his review by writing,

"…to me this comic was both a chance to escape for a minute or two (as the title implies) while also contemplating the manner in which the entire world fits together. That’s damned tricky to accomplish, and it may or may not have been what he was shooting for, but that’s what I saw."

This makes me very happy, because what Kevin describes is exactly what I’m shooting for with this one. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing and sometimes I don’t know whether people read the same thing that I write (which is a whole philosophical can of worms which I won’t open here), but knowing at least a few people dig it in the way it’s intended makes it all worthwhile.

As for the rest of the series, three pages of #3 loosely pencilled: #2 due end of September. No idea how long it’ll go on for, but it will end at some point.

Thanks, Kevin!

Review of the Escapologist #1!

This short review is from Mr Justin Giampaoli: Thanks Justin!

"The Escapologist (Self-Published): Simon Moreton has really been improving his craft lately, and The Escapologist is no exception. The style is full of his usual intricate fine line, with generous backgrounds and crosshatching technique on display. Where he really pours it on is the confidence with which he tells the story. There are several pages without any sort of dialogue, all capturing the disconnect between body and soul. It seems he’s fascinated by our ability to consciously experience the world around us with these different parts of our being. There’s even some suggestion that reality is merely an illusion, being a man-made construct. It’s a terribly quick read, but extremely thought-provoking, and I quite liked it. Grade A.”

I think this sums up pretty much what I’m trying to achieve with The Escapologist. But don’t forget: unlike my other mini-comics, The Escapologist is a serial, and the story will be building across a fair few issues, the second of which will be available soon.