Sorry Entertainer gets reviewed

The Sorry Entertainer gets a review from Justin Giampaoli! He writes:

The Sorry Entertainer (Things In Panels): The Bristol-based duo of Simon Moreton and Nick Soucek join the newsprint revivalist movement, and I’ll say that I was immediately sold when I read that the contributors included Noah Van Sciver and Lauren Barnett. They are two of my favorite mini-comics creators working in the industry today. Noah’s done-in-one crime story is an effective storytelling tutorial about concise functionality. Paddy Lynch’s piece was full of inky emotion, Thom Ferrier examines our knee-jerk inclination to document everything we see in the New Media Era, and we get a big full page of Rock N’ Roll ‘Restling from David Ziggy Greene. It’s a thing of rare beauty, full of influences from people like Sammy Harkham, Brandon Graham, and Paul Pope. Chris Fairless dazzles with ink washes, and Sam Spina playfully addresses audience expectations, while Richard Worth and Jordan Cullver display a beautiful turn of the century aesthetic, which is a tad hard to read due to the scale. There’s actually a lot more, but those are my favorites. Simply put, this is the way to do an anthology. It doesn’t matter that there really isn’t a unifying theme, and it doesn’t matter that some of the creators are more popular or bigger names than some of the others. They key is that you find really good pieces, you put them in a unique format, and suddenly you’ve accomplished that rare feat, an anthology with few, if any, weak links. I hope we can look forward to future installments of this venture. Grade A.”

Bristol Small Press and Comic Expo 2011, Pt. 1 - The Delivery

Waiting in for parcels to be delivered to your house is truly one of the more universal experiences of contemporary living, out here in the Western hemisphere; it’s like Waiting for Godot, only rather than experiencing any (or no) transcendental or existential insight, you mostly just end up really needing a wee (or worse) but knowing that as soon as you commit to the act, the doorbell will ring and you’ll be left with the most awkward of dilemmas. I’m sure we’ve all been there.

Anyway, such were the challenges I was facing last Friday, as I sat in the flat, restless in my anticipation of the arrival of some couriers, but unable to commit to doing anything productive; I’d run out of Bristol board to get some drawing done; my other finishing-the-PhD work was tied up, awaiting comments from my internal examiner; I couldn’t shower; I’d already seen that episode of Gilmore Girls; I’d nearly run out of milk; I’d already seen that episode of Friends (though that’s a fairly universal condition in itself). Tough times.

‘Oh, the despair!’ I wailed. ‘Oh, the woe!’ I gnashed, as I took to playing Solitaire with ACTUAL CARDS, or, as I was taught it, Patience (how apt) and drank my fourth cup of tea (boredom lends itself well to counting, it seems). Then, abruptly, midway through my sixth game of Patience (see, counting) the doorbell rang and I bounded like an excited puppy down the stairs to open the door and gain receipt of… 500 copies of the Sorry Entertainer!

Yes folks, it’s here! It exists, and it looks… amazing! Given our Modus Operandi normally involves pens, paper and photocopiers, to hold something that Nick and I had put together ourselves, that had been printed by people far away, and that had arrived, en masse, in a stack of five parcels, was a new and rather exciting experience. I can’t lie – I was rather proud. All the hard work from the artists who had contributed, the folks who donated and spread the word, the printers, and our efforts, had all come together in newspaper form.

There you have it: the Sorry Entertainer! All those who invested money into the IndieGoGo fundraiser will be receiving your copies over the course of the next few weeks as we get ourselves sorted out, make sure we have all those minicomics ready for the perks, buy some big envelopes, and hit the Post Office. For those who haven’t yet got a copy, there are limited quantities available for sale in my shop. As all the artists who took part in the project will also have extra copies, once I run out, it is perfectly feasible that they may have some copies available, too. We’ll keep you up to date.

It just falls to me to thank everyone who contributed, in whatever way, and a special thanks to Anne and the rest of the Newspaper Club team for helping us realise this project so seamlessly. Thank you!

Here are some photos from delivery day:

Coming tomorrow… Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo Part 2 – the event itself!