Proposed UK Immigration laws and why they suck

Aaron Sewards is a well known face to many artists, musicians, gig-goers, coffee drinkers, and music promoters both in Bristol and further afield. He and his Japanes partner are expecting a baby. They are currently in Japan, wanting to get married and return home to the UK. But newly proposed immigration laws are threatening to prevent him and his family from returning to the UK to raise a family and continue the life they had in Bristol. He writes:

I want to have some kind of safe place to put the child in, and I know which place, it’s the place I live In and met Kano in and where I’ve been investing my time and energy. Its’ where all my friends live, all the people who I want to learn how to be a good parent from. It’s the house my family lived in, where the overgrown garden is takes up the whole world from the front window. I want to have a place where we measure this kid and make a line and write down the date – when I read the new home office policy documents and the fullness of how we maybe do not qualify to even ask to come to the UK dawn on me.

The proposed laws, which means test UK citizens wishing to marry non-EU citizens and live in the UK pose a huge threat to the stability of his future with his partner and soon-to-be-born child. He has written about it all here.

That his, or anybody in his situation’s, ‘value’ to the UK be determined on financial contribution alone, seems ludicrous, unjust and discriminatory. If you read his post, and feel you can do something from where you are, I encourage you to do so.