SMOO #6 Reviewed at the Poopsheet Foundation

Justin Giampaoli has reviewed Smoo #6 over at the Poopsheet Foundation. He writes:

"It’s clear that these aren’t just mindless sketches or doodles though, Moreton thinks about the imagery, like the squiggle of ink that stands-in for confusion over not knowing how to help a sick bird. It’s this type of visual shorthand for more complex emotion that proves his fluid understanding of what makes the medium so unique. He blurs the line between text and image to achieve superb information delivery."

I’m really humbled by this review.

You can read the full review here.

You can buy Smoo #6 here.

My new comic, Smoo #6 is available now to purchase in my shop.

It is a collection of quiet stories about listening to Hüsker Dü then walking around, moving house, a holiday in France, swimming at night (again) and more besides. I don’t think anyone has reviewed it yet, but folk who got a copy via pre-order have said some nice things about it. Why not find out for yourself?

We also had a great launch party at Desert Island in Brooklyn last week, but more about that another day.

A note on prices: you may have noticed a price increase in my shop. The zines are the same price, but sadly I’m having to start charging for P&P. I used to offer free P&P on UK orders, and subsidised P&P on overseas orders, but that has been proving a little unsustainable since postage prices went up this April. It pains me to do it, but ‘tis the way the wind is blowing. For readers in the US, however, you can get Smoo 5 (and shortly Smoos 4 and 6) from John P’s Spit and a Half Distro which might work out more cost-effective. Thanks for your understanding!

Sneak peak of Smoo #3

Here are the first six pages of Smoo #3. These were floating around in some mini-mini-comics that came free with stuff I was selling and sending out this earlier this year. Anyway: here they are on the super-duper internet for the very first time! I hope you enjoy!

Smoo #3 will launch at Thought Bubble on Saturday 20th November. The comic will be available from my online shop the week after.