Call for Submissions for a new site

I’m starting a new website, called Better, Drawn. Please read the info below and spread far and wide!


Hello and welcome to Better, Drawn.

Better, drawn is a new place for people to share stories about long-term and chronic mental and physical illnesses, told in the form of short comics. The site is a way for people to share experiences that might otherwise be difficult to talk about openly. In fact, we think that sometimes things can be said better when they’re drawn; hopefully, these comics might help some people feel better, too.

To get this website going, we’re looking for submissions. If you have experience with physical or mental health issues, or if you are close to someone who does, then you might like to consider submitting a comic for the site. You can visit our FAQ to find out more about how to send us your work.You don’t have to be an ‘artist’: just somebody with a story to share.

We could also do with your help to spread the word about this site. So please reblog this far and wide if you can, share the link via Facebook using those pesky ‘like’ buttons to the right, or tweet all about us. If that happens, we should be up and running in no time - and you’ll be able to follow our progress on Twitter,too.

So the only thing left to say is… get drawing!